What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

We couldn’t be happier with our cleaning after our furnace had a puff back. At first we didn’t think we needed anything done, but then Kevin came into our home and showed us the true damage that was done. His people came in and cleaned our whole basement and first floor. It sparkled! Thank you! 

We are so please with the work Kevin and his employees did. After a fire at our home he came quickly with his workers and they cleaned and got the job done quickly. Our house looks like we never even had a fire. His employees were super friendly and informative when we had questions. Thank you Kevin! 

Hi Kevin, 

thank you so much! The work you did on our home after the fire is beautiful! It was a pleasure meeting you and the people who work for you. 

thank you again, 

Judith St.Arnaud 


thanks! Enjoyed your company and your smile. You and Kevin make a great team! Keep up the great work and lots of luck in the future. 


a note we received from our client Pam after cleaning her home from a furnace puff back 

My house was full of smoke damage.  Brian came in and evaluated the situation!  Cleaned what could be removed what needed to be replaced.  The project happened much faster then I expected!


Enjoyed working with your company!  You made a really bad situation bearable! You and Kevin make a great team!  Keep up the great work and lots of luck in the future!