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We even organize

When SERVPRO of Chelmsford/Westford receives a call to clean a kitchen, or any portion of a home or business, after a fire or water damage, it means a speedy re... READ MORE

SERVPRO is always ready for when a storm strikes!

Storm and flood damage can be devastating. Immediate action is needed, and you need the company with storm damage experience. SERVPRO Of Chelmsford Westford has... READ MORE

Roof protection after the storm

“Falling trees, fire, high wind and hail storms often cause roof damage. Safety should your primary concern. Initial roof assessment should be completed f... READ MORE

What is the difference between mold removal and mold remediation?

As explained on the National SERVPRO website, “Since microscopic mold spores exist naturally almost everywhere, indoors and outdoors, removing all mold fr... READ MORE

Water and Safty Tips

After any water damage situation, your primary focus should be safety. Questions to ask yourself are: -Is it safe to stay in the house?-Electrical and "slip and... READ MORE

Even though you think it’s dry it might not be

We were called in when local homeowners experienced a water loss in their basement. When we arrived the homeowners had already cleaned up most of the water. But... READ MORE

Water loss? No problem!

After receive a call from a Chelmsford gym owner about water leaking into his business we were right on it. Before arrival we asked the owner multiple questions... READ MORE

We do commercial cleaning

Pictures here show a cleaning we did in Westford at a senior center food pantry. A power outage caused fish in the freezers to thaw and leak all over the final ... READ MORE

We do mold removal for commercial properties

Commercial Mold Remediation Presents Unique Challenges. Mold can spread quickly through a property if left untreated. SERVPRO of Chelmsford Westford can respon... READ MORE

Fires outside can cause damage inside

unbeknownst to some people is that even though there was a fire outside the home it can also cause soot and smoke damage inside the home. This local family had... READ MORE