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I just want to thank you for your help with this, I have never had to file a claim of any sorts. I appreciate your patience and advice with me

After this last storm mixed with the spring thaw we ended up getting a large amount of water in our basement. We contacted SERVPRO and they came and cleaned our basement and made sure it was dry. The guys were very knowledgeable and friendly, which made our stressful situation a little easier to handle. Thank you for coming and easing our minds. 

After discovering water damage and mold in our basement we called SERVPRO and reached Kevin. He quickly came, dried up the space and removed the mold. Thank you for your quick response and impeccable work! 

I don’t know what I would have done without Kevin and his crew. After a tree fell on our house after the first storm causing significant damage to the room and another impeding storm on the horizon I was worried. He came quickly and covered the roof so that our home would be protected. Nice job guys! 

Thank you Kevin for your quick response and great work. My building hasn’t looked this clean in so long! Much appreciated 


Kevin and his guys are great. They were able to remove mold from our ventilation system and get it back up and running. Thank you! 

Thank you Kevin for getting our facility back up and running so quickly after the storm the other day. It was good not to have been closed down for too long. 

We were devastated when the upstairs bathroom toilet overflowed and leaked into the floor below. Kevin and his guys came quickly and cleaned up the mess and replaced damaged sheet rock and flooring. They did a fantastic job. 

After water entered our home this past May we called Kevin to come in a help clean it up. He responded quickly and jumped right into cleaning up the mess. Thank you for your quick response. 

We couldn’t be happier with our cleaning after our furnace had a puff back. At first we didn’t think we needed anything done, but then Kevin came into our home and showed us the true damage that was done. His people came in and cleaned our whole basement and first floor. It sparkled! Thank you! 

We are so please with the work Kevin and his employees did. After a fire at our home he came quickly with his workers and they cleaned and got the job done quickly. Our house looks like we never even had a fire. His employees were super friendly and informative when we had questions. Thank you Kevin! 

Kevin and his crew did a great job cleaning out our wearhouse after a minor water leak this past week. You guys responded quickly so that I could get my buiness back up and running. That’s priceless. Thank you 


Hi Kevin and crew! 

Thank you for helping us remove the trees fallen in our yard and driveway after our last snow ice storm! You came quickly and everyone was so nice. Thank you very much! 


Thank you to Kevin and his crew for quickly responding to our home for tree removal and clean up. We had a tree fall on our home this past spring which caused damage to our roof and deck. They responded quickly and cleaned up the tree and covered or roof so that rain water wouldn’t come in. Thank you Kevin! 

Hi Kevin, 

thank you so much! The work you did on our home after the fire is beautiful! It was a pleasure meeting you and the people who work for you. 

thank you again, 

Judith St.Arnaud 


thanks! Enjoyed your company and your smile. You and Kevin make a great team! Keep up the great work and lots of luck in the future. 


a note we received from our client Pam after cleaning her home from a furnace puff back 


thank you again! You have done an awesome job! If you ever need a reference, just let me know! 


a note we we received from our client Cynthia after repairing her roof from storm damage 


Thanks so much! You were more kind and people like you are not easy to find. I really appreciate the new counter top and your easy going personality. Lots of luck to your company. 


I just wanted to let you know that I recently had a small flood in my house the same week my wife went into labor. To say that it was really poor timing is an understatement. However, in all that chaos your team led by Chris was awesome. He called me each morning to check in before he came over and was always on time. The morning my wife went into labor he was incredibly accommodating and worked with my cousin to test the damage. He always made sure that whatever machines were required and tapings had to go up were always done in a manner that got the job done but stayed out of the way of my family (two kids under 6, two dogs, and a very pregnant wife). He and his crew are a great example of what people want to have arrive at the door when an emergency happens.
I cannot thank you and Chris enough, except to recommend that he get some kind of reward or acknowledgement by the company overall.

Thank you again for your company’s help.

If you are reading this review -and considering SERVPRO of Chelmsford/Westford for work
- I want to assure you that they did a great job at a very reasonable rate!!

I worked with Kevin after some water damage at my property that extended to my neighbor.This was probably one on the most stressful times. Even when the scope of work was about to grow or we had to work around a difficult tenant. Work was completed on time and I was kept upto date on progress.

I highly recommend SERVPRO. Thank you Kevin!!


Thank you for all your hard work to get my house back together!  I had no idea that ice dames on your roof could cause such a catastrophic problem!  I am thankful for all the work that Zach, Chris, Eric and Brian did to help speed this process up. 

Many regards,


Thank you Kevin for taking care of a very sensitive situation!

My condo was literally making me sick!  The heating system needed a total clean out! Kevin and his guys came in a took care of the problem! 

Mold inside the heating system needed to be cleaned out 

My house was full of smoke damage.  Brian came in and evaluated the situation!  Cleaned what could be removed what needed to be replaced.  The project happened much faster then I expected!


Enjoyed working with your company!  You made a really bad situation bearable! You and Kevin make a great team!  Keep up the great work and lots of luck in the future!


Kevin and the team at SERVPRO spent an entire day assisting in the construction of the new playground at the Spaulding school.  We could not have done the work with out their help!


Thanks so much, you were more than kind. People like you aren't easy to find!

I really appreciate the counter top and your easy going personality.  Lots of luck with your company!

Joan Gildort

I am the Chief Engineer at an area hotel.  Didn't have the capital to replace rugs in our banquet and guestroom areas.  Called SERVPRO and spoke with Kevin.  He gave us a fair price for the work and completed all 30,000 square feet of meeting space as well as all the hallway space in less then a week.  Rugs look amazing!

Came home from Christmas vacation to find that my pipes had frozen, broke, then thawed and flooded my house.  Called Kevin at 8pm on Sunday.  He was out to the house within 2 hours to start the process of clean up.  Also helped us through the process of rebuilding.  Couldn't be happier with the service that I received.

Kevin and his team came in and took care of everything!  My office was completely full of water, everything ruined!  Within hours machines running and destroyed items removed!  Space was dry and ready for renovations within a week!

The team at SERVPRO Chelmsford/Westford were amazing!  They took a very scary situation for us and made it go away quickly!  I am grateful for all of their hard work!

I appreciate your expeditious response. The attention to detail and the concern for the well being of our employees.

SERVPRO was excellent all around what a great team they have. Team was very professional but also friendly and supportive of my situation.

I want to thank you and your team for the work you have been doing on our property. The guys are very dedicated and hard workers.You have a great team , we will continue to use your team in the future.

I really appreciate you and your teams easy going personalities. It made a difficult time so much easier to cope with. Keep up the great work and lots of luck in the future

On Sep 14, 2016, at 8:36 AM, Shari Wyman wrote:

Hi Kevin,
The basement is complete and it looks great! Thank you! 
PS, just an FYI, I would recommend your services to anyone who is looking, I could not have imagined how beautiful my basement would have looked due to the state it was in before your crew arrived. At the end it was beyond my expectations. All the people who did work here were friendly and professional so thanks again!